Air Purification with Ultraviolet Light
The quietest , most effective air purification system on the planet!

The Electro Breeze V-Bank filter system is a revolutionary design to appeal to commercial and institutional clients who operate large buildings...


Air Purification with Ultraviolet light: the quietest,most effective air purification system on the planet..


Eelctro Breeze high efficiency commercial air filters are powerfull and effectively trap harmfull airborne pathogens: Bacteria . viruses, SARS’Anthrax, Tuberculosis, molds…..


V-BANKS Commercial Air Cleaner and Commercial Air Filter System

This commercial air cleaner system includes two inch panels with UV lights placed in a V bank for large air handling units. The Electro Breeze V-Bank filter system is a revolutionary design for commercial and institutional clients operating large buildings who want to maximize economies of operation in air handling systems. Using V-Banks, energy savings and filtration efficiency are greatly enhanced due to an increased filtration surface. The Electro Breeze Commercial Air Cleaner is incorporated into the V-Bank filter system performs at HEPA efficiency on multiply pass filtration. The Electro Breeze Commercial Air Cleaner has a very low resistance to air flow and as such will provide significantly improved energy savings and filter replacement savings over conventional filter systems.

The Electro Breeze V-Bank commercial air filter system is a product that has proved itself in reducing operating costs in large buildings, casinos, hospitals, universities, office towers etc. Several unique technologies converge when using the V-Bank commercial air filter system and the results are increased air flow, greatly improved filtration efficiency, reduced energy costs, and healthier occupants. The V-Bank assembly is now available for your facility!

Mechanical and HVAC Engineers

This section is to answer your technical and mechanical questions as well as provide bid and commercial air filter specifications for our products. If you need to download a specific page, we will mail you our product CD on request. If you do not already have a login and password, do not hesitate to contact us and request one.

Engineering firms recommend our products to a large spectrum of customers. We have installed electronic air cleaning panels, some combined with UV lights, in office buildings, government buildings, hospitals, post office and food plants. Also, thousands of people now enjoy our electronic air cleaning panels in their homes. If you would like more information on how to solve a specific air quality problem we'd like to hear from you. For more information or to request brochures please contact Electro Breeze Air Cleaner Ltd:

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