Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Does it Works?
The Electro Breeze Air Cleaner combined with a UV Light in your heating & air conditioning duct system. There are two specifically engineered lights which emit ULTRAVIOLET light which will significantly reduce and eliminate mold, bacteria and viruses that are circulated by your heating & air conditioning system. 
2. How Does The Germicidal UV light kill microorganisms?
Ultraviolet light destroys and kills microbes by being absorbed by the proteins within the organism.  After absorption the UV light destroys the microbe or inactivates the DNA which prevents the microbe from reproducing.  A microbe is considered detroyed when it can no longer reproduce. 
3. Has this technology been tested?

Yes. Both Westinghouse and General Electric conducted laboratory tests on the germicidal effectiveness of UV lights on microorganisms, germicidal UV lights is used in hospitals, food processing plants and commercial buildings.

The Electro Breeze Air Cleaner was tested in specific studies by Environmental Compliance Solutions of Troy, Michigan. After a two-week test period, it was determined that UV Light reduced air-borne fungi (mold) and bacteria to an average level of 2.6 CFU's - an astounding 84% reduction. Levels above 5% are typically considered unhealthy.

4. Does filtration eliminate germs, viruses and molds?

Filters will trap the microbes and even the most sophisticated filter do not contain 100% of the germs and viruses.  These microbes reproduce quickly and those not trapped will recontamination your environment.

5. Is Ultraviolet light harmful to humans?
Small doses of UV light is not harmful.  Prolonged, direct exposure to UVC light is harmful to all living organisms, people included.  The UV Light has been designed to install in such a way the provides no exposure to people.  This provides a safe and effective solution to unwanted microbes in your home.
6. What is the life expectancy of the UV lamps?
The UV lamps used in the Electro Breeze Systems are designed for 18,000 hours which is approximately two year of use in your system. 
7. Does the Electro Breeze Systems operate continuously?
Microbes don't take any breaks!  Accordingly we recommend the Electro Breeze Systems be left on at all times to kill unwanted microbes and maintain it's peak efficiency for your health and safety. 
8. Is the Electro Breeze Systems expensive to operate?
No. The Electro Breeze Systems operates using less energy than a 54 watt light bulb.  This is very inexpensive protection considering what it is doing to improve the air quality in your home! 
9. How can I get an Electro Breeze Systems installed?
Contact Electro Breeze Air Cleaner Ltd.    today to arrange for installation of your Electro Breeze Systems. The Electro Breeze Systems are installed directly into your heating and ventilation duct work and the job is usually done in half an hour.
Power: 110VAC
Lamps: 25 watts